Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Without Personal Loans

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but it is also about consumer behavior. Many people spend more than they intend to for Valentine’s Day, hoping to express their affection or please a loved one. If you’re thinking of taking out payday loans or personal loans to fund your own Valentine’s Day, here are some better suggestions:

Valentine’s Day Without Personal Loans1) Budget for the big day. Decide how much you can really spend without taking out loans or borrowing money.

2) Talk to your significant other. Many couples overspend because they don’t know how much to spend in the first place. Once you know your budget, speak openly to your significant other about Valentine’s Day. Suggest a modest budget so that the day is really about the two of you, and not the commercial trappings.

3) Make it about effort, not money. Most relationships don’t need more stuff – they need more time and creative energy. Advertisers may try to suggest that love is all about spending and diamonds, but some of the most romantic gestures do not cost a lot of money. A long love letter is often more treasured than a fancy store-bought card and a home-cooked meal, some simple flowers, and a serenade under that special someone’s window can be far more romantic than dinner out at an overcrowded restaurant.…